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Written assignment 3: Casual Analysis

Group 1

The Increasing Number of Separated Fairs

When I was a child I remember that many children in my age thought that it was a weird thing that my parents where divorced instead of married. When we got older I noticed that almost every other class mate became a child of divorce. Today it is very rare that my friends' parents live together. That makes me wonder, why is it that the numbers of separated fairs have increased today?

Love is known as the most complicated topic and will most certainly always be. Recently, a kind of revolution has been spotted among us, a revolution that made people brake away from all relationship norms. Couples have to a greater extent decided to go their own way and stopped caring about what other think and says. There are no "do's and don'ts" and we can all decide whether we should spend the rest of our life together with one person or if we want to move on and divorce.

Even if it is a good thing that people think of what is best for them, divorces have become a more common thing and there are more couples that divorce than live together for the rest of their life.

In old books and movies it is noticed that back then, it was not accepted to live in an unmarried relationship. The couples who did were not accepted in the society. Today it is accepted and almost rare to get married in the first years of the relationship. It has almost become too accepted and it feels like marriages is not as big deal as it was before and that is also a reason why the number of marriages have become much lower. The reason for...