Family Law Essay about marrage and devorce and the problems that my occur.

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Marriage is something which affects us all at some point in our lives. Most young girls dream of growing up and getting married and already have their whole wedding planned by the time they're ten. Marriage however is a very serious commitment that is meant to last forever and before getting married, one must be both physically and emotionally ready to fulfil such a long lasting promise. One of the things which must be done before committing yourself to marriage is to make sure that you are legally capable to do so, and because marriage effects so many people and judges view it as a binding contract, there are certain laws which specifically concern marriage.

Men have to be at least eighteen years of age and women must be at least sixteen years of age. Women under eighteen wishing to marry need to have permission from her parents. If parents will not give their consent, then the courts can be asked to give permission instead.

The court will give consent to the couple but only after special circumstances.

As well as this, a person who has legal rights to do so must perform the wedding ceremony. Ministers of religion, people who work in the registry office and civil celebrants are all such people. In addition to this person, at least two witnesses must be present at the service to sign the marriage papers. These papers are very important and must be applied for, one month before the planned time of marriage. The law also states that people intending to get married must be single, divorced or widowed and cannot marry anyone in their immediate family.

Once you are willing and able to abide by the above laws, the courts will allow you to get married.

Even after all of these...