Family Life Cycle

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My family would be classified as an extended family. My grandmother lives with us and helps around the house. My father does the discipline and my mother does the nurturing in my family. I know both of my parents love all of us very much but I feel my mom is the more caring one and my father is the sterner one because of this. My father was an only child who had a very submissive mother and a father that was very stern. His mother did everything for him and father did all of the discipline. This is where I think my family's style came from. My mother lived with her mother and was moved around a lot. There were a lot of things that my mother had to do for herself and learn on her own. Her father wasn't a very big part in her life but she knew him.

Her mother had to be very stern and caring because she was playing both the mother and father role. I feel this was hard for my mother in the way of not always having the caring or the discipline she needed. That is why my family discipline is how it is. They just took on the same situation as my father's family. I don't feel that this is always the best way because I do look at my mother and father very different. I am very scared of my father because he has always been the one to discipline us and I look at my mother as a friend. My mother is someone who is very caring and always there for you. I feel that it should be a more equal role. So when a child is doing something it shouldn't be then the...