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FAMILY PARADIGM In my family paradigm I chose the stage where my family and I had to move form Seattle, Washington to our present home in Dallas, Texas. My dad was offered a job in Dallas when I was 9 years old. I chose this stage because it was a complicated time for my family to transcend to a new state that none of us knew almost nothing about. During this stage there were five main ideas that influenced decisions in our lives. They were sacrifice, cooperation, trust, positive attitude, and faith.

Sacrifice was on of the guiding principles in our family because not just one of us but all of us had to part with something we had. My mom had to transfer to another job in Dallas and the children had to make new friends at schools. We knew that even though it was tough to make sacrifices for our family that it'll help us out in the long run.

In my paradigm sacrifice is represented by the crucifix. It's one of the first guiding principles so it's located closer to Seattle.

The second one is cooperation. Although at many times I didn't want to go away I had to cooperate. Cooperation played a significant value in our family. We were able to move to Dallas efficiently with everyone cooperating. Cooperation is represented by the two guys working on the computer together.

My third principle, trust, has great importance too. My family possessed a deep trust in my dad. He was making the idea for us to go to Dallas because he believed with his better job there we would be doing substantially better. In this we trusted he had the right idea and were able to proceed to Dallas. I have trust represented by the two...