Family Rules And Television: Raising a child requires responsibility from parents who must set rules and boundaries.

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Raising an elementary child requires a great amount of responsibility from parents who must set rules and boundaries for the child. These rules are meant to teach the kid right from wrong, and appropriate behavior around others. The parent's responsibility is to make sure that the rules set for the child are not out of place. Some boundaries might include bedtime, homework time, places that are allowed to go, or television time. As a parent, I would make sure that those rules I set for my child are deemed appropriate not only by me, but other parents as well.

Most of my rules would have to be the basic ones that all parents comprise. The simplest rule is bedtime. Have the children in bed by 8:00 pm that way they can get a good night sleep and be ready for school the next morning. Because homework is important to further a student's education, I would enforce a rule that homework must be done the night that it is assigned.

Outside during the night is not a place a young child should be, hence I would have my kid inside my home at least a half-hour before dark. I would also like my child to be at the dinner table with his or her father and me together as a family. After all the homework and home business is done, I would interact with my kid through artistic means such as building legos, coloring a coloring book, painting a picture, and reading books that influence my child's imagination. As a parent I would also try to regulate what my sees on television.

Because there is so much violence and sex in television it is not a far-fetched idea that parents will set rules and regulations for their child as to what...