Family of Saltimbanques

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Family of Saltimbanques.

This is an oil painting named, by Pablo Picasso it was painted in 1905. Pablo Picasso was born on (October 25th 1881 and died, 8th April 1973). He was Spanish artist. The dimensions are 212.8 x 229.6 cm. the name of this painting is 'The family of Saltimbanques' it is French. In this painting the viewer is presented with an image of the Saltimbanques, it was an art preformed in the 19th century. The vocal point of this painting is the people; you can see that they are part of preforming arts such as a circus. One of them you can see has a similar pattern on their clothes as a harlequin. Some of these characters are from the commedia del-arte. This art is expressionism; *expressionism is an art style that uses colour to generate atmosphere and mood. It was created during the early 1900's but developed during 1940's.

The figures and objects within these pictures are often distorted.

In the foreground there is a woman. She is further away from the group of people and it looks like she might be avoiding them. She is looking to the right away from the direction of the other people. She has pale white skin and might be from France or Spain. She look quite young so the approximate age would be anywhere from 20-30. The colors are complimentary red, orange and yellow. She is wearing a blue top, orange skirt and a cardigan; she has a hat on as well. The colour scheme is complimentary. The style of clothing is quite old. The position of the woman is sitting; it looks like she is holding her cardigan back. Her mood looks sad. No one is smiling, and the colors are darkish. When we look at the...