In a family who should work? Wife or husband? If both work what are the advantages or disadvantages.

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In the past a woman didn’t have the same equal rights as a man. A Man had the maximum rights to do work. Work was done only by a husband. The husband was the head of the house and had all the authority as he was the only person earning in the house. All the house members had to agree and obey his rules and regulations. It was considered inappropriate for a wife to work. The main duties of the wife were mainly to look after the house, the household, and the children and to cook and keep the house in perfect running order. She had to socialize with other housewives and families to keep goodwill in the society. If a wife worked it was considered that women had started to dominate and that the husband had lost his dignity in the house. People started to look at the family with strange stares and started to gossip about them.

But slowly the trend has changed. Changes have taken place in the society and the way the life of the family has changed. AT present husband and wife both are working. It has become common in a household to see both working. To meet the financial needs of their family they both need to work. At present the prices of goods as well as services have increased drastically. To meet the demands of high costs the earnings of the husband alone are not enough. Therefore, the wife starts to work. To satisfy the desires of their children and to make them study, the earnings of one person are not enough and both have to work. If only the husband works only the basic needs can be satisfied but if both work at least most of the needs can be satisfied.

At present a woman is given equal rights with man. She is being treated as equal to man. Even the husband is encouraging his wife to do work. To fulfill the needs of their children and to save for the future, husband and wife have to work. In today's generation women are more advanced in all fields running hand in hand with men, in technology, science, space, etc. They are being treated as equal to men.

Therefore, there are more advantages than disadvantages if both husband and wife work based on today's generation.