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Every year my family and I attend my uncles' house for Christmas. This is a family tradition that I have followed since I was born. It is very important to me that I attend this holiday party at my uncles' house. It is important because I only get to see my family a few times a year and it means a lot to me to be able to spend time with them. Traditions in today's world are like college students with computers. It isn't necessary for one to own a computer but it makes everything a lot better and easier to become successful.

A wise man once stated that to be alive is one thing, but to have a chance to participate in a tradition with other people is another. The values in today's economical, culture, and religion based world set borders to other people. If one isn't involved in things as another one is then this will cause a conflict.

This can lead to discrimination to one another because one doesn't do what the other one does. If one decides not to celebrate Christmas for any reason isn't a reason for one to make fun of that person or do anything to harm them because they think differently. This is why there are different types of people because everyone has there own experience in everything that happens to them.

In other words, traditions are one of the many things that make a good person a great person. If one can experience such things, then one will be wiser and that is what separates the good people from the great. One can be great at sports or at math problems, but with the skills to know what to do then how to do it is much better. Anyone can...