Family Values: The Diversity Dilemma

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Family values sound as if they are intimate, internal beliefs held within a family unit, only this isn't what they are in the least. They are ideals conveyed to the masses through media, marketing, economics, and educational institutions. Family values are ideals so completely elusive and indefinable that at some point they became coming from a non-point source, impossible to control. Was it a goal for these views to become so rigid and widely held, or did we lose sight of what is truly valuable in a family?Current views of American family values should be what one personally values for their family. This is unfortunately not the case. Society view of a functional normal family is the way family values are discussed. Society could view a functional family as any family that provides happiness and fulfillment for its members. Again, this is not the case. Americans first and foremost believe a family contains a mother and a father.

In grade school, I remember being terrified to admit my parents were separated to any adult. Not because my home life was in turmoil or even because their separation even really bothered me that much, but because to them, it said something about me. This was the looming fear. I didn't know what it implied about me, whether it meant I was a troublemaker, or emotionally disturbed, but to me it meant receiving a curious look or a quiet apology as if someone had died, and even landed me in some rowth or iscovery groups once a week devoted to saving children from broken homes. This is the reaction from a society that has such a fixation on family values? This reaction becomes the problem, certainly not my family values.

Current views of family values should be changing, just as the...