FAMILY VALUES-This essay describes how family values are important, and some of the changes that evovled through the years.

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Family values have emerged into a standardized process. Within the communities, an alteration has occurred changing the accustomed ways of a family. The common way of the parents emphasized the labor force on the father, while the other parent (typically the mother) stayed at the home tending to the offspring of the parents, nearly evolving this idea into being considered old-fashioned. In the modern society, the desire for abundance of wealth has initiated, and in many families, tend to have both parents out in the work force. As a result of this, children are left in daycares, or other institutions, leaving employed strangers to raise their kids, instead of the natural parents. Many parents have left their kids with these under-qualified, under appreciated childcare employees, so that they may, in return, satisfy their own greed to work. The reason for these employees being under appreciated is due to the fact that they are underpaid for their services; which in effect causes the qualified workers, to get higher paying jobs.

In other cultures of the world, the assemblies correlated to our childcare institutions are well recognized and very well rewarded for their efforts in raising children. Also, these childcare institutions in the United States are very unstable. Unstable institutions, from which our children are being raised, cause unstable adolescence, and adults. This becomes a problem, due to the fact that these unstable people, in turn, will be running our world and society. When parents get involved with their children, while spend quality time with them, in effect, it will make the children more stable as they grow older and mature into adults.

This desire to have a larger income within the family has a monumental impact on neglected children. Statistics affirm that these deserted children usually have a decrease in...