Famous Dave's Restaurant Expansion Implimentation Report.

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Famous Dave's of America, Inc. owns, operates and franchises barbeque restaurants. The company currently owns 36 locations and franchises an additional 31 units in 18 States and has signed development agreements for additional 97-franchised locations. Its menu features award-winning barbecued and grilled meats, an ample selection of salads, side items, sandwiches and unique desserts.

The company began in 1994 in Hayward Minnesota by Dave Anderson. Dave Anderson's dream was to spread his talent for BBQ cooking to everyone in the United States. In an 8-year period, Famous Dave's has managed to expand to many locations in the northern United States. Recently, within the past 2 years, Famous Dave's has begun to expand its restaurants into the southern parts of the United States. Dallas Texas was the first southern city-state to enjoy Famous Dave's BBQ. Further expansion to the southeast developed within the past year and has made a large impact on other BBQ restaurants as well as non-BBQ restaurants in the surrounding areas of Famous Dave's.

Figure 1.1 shows the locations in which Famous Dave's has expanded within the past 8-years.

Figure 1.1


The expansion of facilities across the United States has been a very quick transition with little time for benchmarking and considerations of the right employees to employ. The current managerial staff at the southeastern Famous Dave's consists of managers from other states, northern states. These managers from northern states have not had the time to closely look at the other restaurants in the surrounding areas, the employment opportunities for waiters, cooking staff and bar. These managers also have not had the experience of what to expect from customers as well as the employees in the way of ethics and rules that Famous Dave's has followed in the northern states.

As a result of this...