Fantasized Martyrdom: Creative Writing for the Christian Tradition

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Assignment I:

"Like other numerous stories of martyrs, (The Life of Billacious), was written to encourage other Christians to witness bravely to the point of death" (Martyrdom of a Young Christian Woman, pg 68). The martyrdom of Billacious was remembered and told by CAR (Clint, Ashley, and Roz) through a story of her life, and the telling of the cruel death for which she faced for her beliefs in Christ. Billacious's contributions included using the beliefs of the Christian faith to educate women. She felt a calling to do this because she believed all women should have the freedoms equal to that of wealthy women in Rome. After learning of how she respected and educated women through her teachings, CAR felt it necessary to tell the story of Billacious.

Billacious was raised as a boy and because of this knew the freedoms of men, but later in life was forced to conform to the roles of women due to her changes during puberty.

Her story occurs in Rome during the years 230-251 CE, with her death taking place during the reign of Emperor Decius. In Billacious's early childhood she was considered a boy, even though she was born with both male and female genitalia. Billacious was born into wealth as a hermaphrodite because of the love between her father and his sister. Her mother died during child birth and her father was left to raise her alone. He took it upon himself to raise her as a Roman Priest because he knew that women were not allowed to teach or have authority over man, and he wanted her to have a good future. Billacious, was first known as Bill, but throughout her childhood felt separated from the other males and she was never really able...