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- Manual installation of the "Capture Fax BVRP" printer under NT4 Answer - What must I do if the CALLER ID is not displayed in the status bar? If the CALLER ID is not displayed in the status bar or in the Inbox for a received fax or voice message, make sure that: The Caller ID is enabled and working on the line connected to the modem.

There is no CALLER ID box between the wall and the modem.

You can also try setting PhoneTools in Exclusive mode.

Click the Configure button and select General Configuration in the menu.

Select the Communications tab.

In the Modem Settings section, check the Exclusive use box. By selecting this option, PhoneTools will not share the modem with other applications.

- How can I increase the size of PhoneTools if it runs under 1024x768 or more resolution Press the F11 key or choose "Enlarged Size" from the "View" menu.

- How can I display the exchanges between PhoneTools and the modem? Press the F12 key or choose "Modem Exchanges" from the "View" menu.

- Which modem should be selected to use the CAPI Softmodem version of PhoneTools? Select "BVRP CAPI Softmodem" from the list provided when you install PhoneTools for the first time. If PhoneTools has already been installed and configured with another modem, click the "Configure" button, select the "General configuration" option and then select the "Communications" tab. Click the "Change modem" button, and then select "BVRP CAPI Softmodem" from the list.

- Manual installation of the "Capture Fax BVRP" printer under NT4 If no printer is defined during the installation of PhoneTools, the Windows NT4 setup disk will be requested to allow the installation of the "Capture Fax BVRP" printer. If you don't have this disk during the installation of PhoneTools, you can "manually" install this printer later on. To do so, follow these steps : - In the "Printer" folder, double-click the "Add Printer" button.

- Click the "Next" button, then the "Add Port" button.

- Select "Local Port", then click the "New Port" button.

- Type "FAX", then validate and close the Add Port window.

- Click the "Next" button, then on the "Have Disk" button.

- Choose the application directory and select the "NTPRINT.INF" file.

- Select "Capture Fax BVRP (Microsoft)".

- End the printer installation.

- In the "Printer" folder, display the "Capture Fax BVRP" printer properties.

- Click the "Print Processor" button, select "WFXPRINT" and check the "Always spool RAW datatype" box.

SERVICE CENTERS Service Centers are used to send SMS messages. New centers are opened regularly. To update your list of Service Centers download the gsm_op.exe file from our web site: http://www.bvrp.com/oem/sms.htm