How Far Was the Failure of the Weimar Democracy Responsible for Hitler’s Rise to Power?

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How Far Was the Failure of the Weimar Democracy Responsible for Hitler's Rise to Power?

The failure of the weakened Weimar Democracy was a significant factor that allowed for Hitler's unprecedented rise to power, but there were many other considerable events and circumstances that practically 'forced' Hitler into power and enabled him to assume leadership of the country at a dismal time of recovery and rebuilding. Other factors also responsible for the rise of Hitler included powerful pro-Nazi propaganda, lack of cooperation between moderate opposition parties, his powerful Storm Trooper army, support from Industrialists and his unique oratory skills. Most importantly however, the German population who were struggling with the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles in the time of the Great Depression were anxious for a leader to rise and to deliver them promises brimming with hope. A gamble taken by supreme leaders Hindenburg and Papen who had hoped to 'tame' Hitler had ultimately backfired, also adding to Hitler's glorious path in attaining the great title of the Fuhrer.

Although the Weimar democracy was a major factor in Hitler's rise to power, it wasn't the only reason responsible for it. The Weimar republic was generally built on weak foundations and was deemed incapable of saving the nation at the time. At the time the republic was drawn up, Germany was facing chaotic times in restoring balance to their nation. The direct threat of a Communist society which they had seen many other European nations succumb to forced the German people to sign the agreement of democracy. It must be noted that Germany had previously never experienced a democracy in its history before, with historians arguing that "Germany was so used to ruling itself, rather than being ruled by a democracy".

The Nazi's ruthlessly targeted the weaknesses...