Farewell To Arms

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A Farewell To Arms War can bring out the worst in a person. Throughout the novel, A Farewell To Arms, by Ernest Hemmingway, Fredrick Henry an ambulance driver is required to accomplish many feats during the chaos of war. The things that happen are only things that a strong person, a hero, can endure. Fredrick proves to be a person of self- discipline, conviction, action, and who is able to remain composed under immense pressure. These to me are qualities of a hero.

Conviction is a trait that many say Henry lacks. Well through the novel he gains confidence in his own reasoning and acts upon these instincts. When they are stranded in the middle of no where, with the enemy coming up behind them, two sergeants refuse to help them in the battle of rescuing their ambulance from the mud. Henry does not think twice before ordering them to return and help.

He does not think a second more before drawing gun and firing, when they do not obey his orders. "Halt," I said. They kept on down the muddy road, the hedge on either side. "I order you to halt" I called. They went a little faster. I opened up my holster, took the pistol, aimed at the one who had talked the most, and fired."(AFA 204) Henry steps up to the plate and is not going to be pushed around. He felt challenged by their disobedience and was not going to step down. He had no doubt that what he was going to do and had done is wrong. They were challenging his authority and he was not going to let them be an example.

Fredrick's escapades with whores and alcohol at the beginning of the novel come in abundance, but by the end of the...