A Farewell to Arms

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A Farewell to ArmsIn this study I will compare "a farewell to arms" by Ernest Hemingway and the same version of the movie dated back to 1932, which is indeed a work independent than the book, the novel itself. Therefore I will, in this study, make an enlightened and detailed outlook of two different works of art, the picture and the novel. Because there are really lots of parts in movie which are not following the same way of life, act, coincidences and etc like it is done in the novel.

First, for me, the novel written by Ernest Hemingway was much more about the general conception of life, and the life of an ambulance driver during war, can be seen as harsh all along the novel, but in the movie made in 1932 it is really ambiguous whether "a farewell to arms" is a love movie or war movie, or just a summation of all these that person experiences in life.

So as I said, first thing this is seen as a huge ice berg or difference starts with the difference of theme of love in both movie- the picture, and novel. Ernest Hemingway in his book, giving love theme as a random feeling that he comes across during war, so just to forget the pain and the cruel side of humanity, wars, he in a way or other, console himself with Catherine, a nurse whom he meets with the help of his friend Rinaldi. That's the way the event presented in the book, just casual way of life, and everything is normal, then by chance Henry meets his lover, so there is reason here, which is "WAR" which make two genre get together, but in the movie it is presented in a way that, as if they...