A Farewell To Arms

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1) Introduction In this academic paper I will analyse the novel "A Farewell To Arms", written by Ernest Hemingway in 1929. The analysis will contain several important sub-points, as following: setting, characters, themes, structure, narrative technique and style. With the help of these points I shall be able to point out what this novel is about and of what it consists of.

2) Main part contains: a. Setting b. Characters c. Themes d. Structure e. Narrative technique & style 2.a) Setting: This novel takes place in Italy during World War I and is tied closely to the author's own experience as an American Ambulance Driver for the Italian Army as one can learn from the first page in the book. The story starts on the battlefields of Italy, where the protagonist, Henry, serves as an American ambulance driver in the Italian Army. One plot of the novel is the evolution of the love of Henry and Catherine, an English nurse doing her duty in Italy, in the face of expanding military involvement.

The story includes a deployment in which Henry is wounded and brought to a hospital where Catherine awaits him. After his return to the front he is involved in an Italian retreat from which he barely escapes with his life. Ultimately, he and Catherine, flee to Switzerland to await the birth of their child. Both baby and mother die and Henry is left alone, his future left open by the author. The other plot, which progresses along with the love plot, focuses on Henry's finding of a certain kind of philosophy that helps him to cope with his own life. He serves voluntarily in the Italian army but at the end he struggles to get out of this war. The story takes place on various places,