Farewell To Arms.

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Book: Farewell to Arms

By: Ernest Hemingway


"Anger was washed away in the river along with any obligation. Although it ceased when the carabiniere put his hands on my collar. I would like to have had the uniform off although I did not care much about the outward forms. I had taken off the stars, but that was for convenience. It was no point of honor. I was not against them. I was through. I wished them all the luck. There were the good ones, and the brave ones, and the calm ones and the sensible ones, and they deserved it. But it was not my show any more and I wished this bloody train would get to Mestre and I would eat and stop thinking. I would have to stop." [Page 222]

'A Farewell To Arms' is about the experiences of love and war and how one man, the main character Henry, deals with the overwhelming adversities of death and defeat in war and death in his own personal life.

The quotation above is Henry's thoughts about quitting his role in World War I after escaping certain death. This quote shares the need to give up or let go in the face of capture and execution. Although he is concerned about lost honor (the stars torn off his uniform) he also realizes that he must go on and has much to live for, including his love for a woman named Catherine.

Henry was an American and volunteer ambulance driver for the Italian troops in World War I. When the Italians retreated, some of the enemy Germans dressed up as Italians and retreated also. The Italians found out that this was happening so they started killing the officers that they thought were German. Henry was American and he talked...