A Farewell to Arms

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A Farewell to Arms

Ernest Hemingway, a name that will not be forgotten if you took the class modern writers at Washington Park High School in Racine, WI. The greatest work ever done, according to great literary writers, by Ernest Hemingway, "A Farewell to Arms". A story about; love, passion, war, freedom, hate, and emotions of a man and his ordeal during WWI in Italy. A book so great, that a movie was done after it, "In Love and War." So of course you would think that the book and movie are one of the same? Well, if you did, you're wrong. The two although have its similarities, they also have a many differences as well. And throughout this theme, that's my main goes, to gain your attention with both of these tragedy and then sub-ject your minds into the qualities both stories have and the traits both stories differ from.

And after all this is done, let you decide which one is better, Hemingway's work or Hollywood.

"In love and war" is the movie that is taken from Ernest Hemingway's great novel "A Farewell to Arms." In this story, a man named Hemingway, or rather the real Hemingway, is on the Italian Front, fighting as an ambulance driver. Being the end of WWI, the fighting is crazy, with so many people dying day after day after day. Hemingway, who wants more then to get his boss a cup of coffee, goes off to the front line and is seriously wounded in the leg. He is sent of to a hospital were he meets his love Angus.

Hemingway is suppose to lose his leg because it is infected with gangrene but thanks to angus, she treats it a different way then recommended, and...