A Farewell to Arms

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Title A Farewell to Arms

Date 4/6/05

Genre Love and romance

Plot: The book 'A Farewell to Arms, written by Ernest Hemingway, is a classic

about the love story of a nurse and a war ridden soldier. The story

starts as Frederick Henry is serving in the Italian Army. He meets his

future love in the hospital, that he gets put in for various reasons. I

thought that A Farewell to Arms was a good book because of the

symbolism, the exciting plot, and the constant moving of the main


The symbolism in A Farewell to Arms is very much apparent. Ernest

Hemingway has always been one who is big on the symbolism of night as

being bad. To the main character in Hemingway's novels, nights have

always been a sign of death, or something negative to happen. Another

one of the symbolisms in A Farewell to Arms is when Henry tries to

Escape from the Italian army by jumping off one of the ships the army

was traveling on and running away from the army.

This symbolism was

the water that he jumped into was a symbolism of the new, clean life

that he was going to live from now on. At this time, Henry goes off

and finds his wife to be.

The plot in A Farewell to Arms was always active. They were never

staying in one place too long. It had a very good story line, which

was a love story that ended up in a tragedy. The main character's wife

got pregnant and she was off to have her baby when problems started

occurring. They had to have a caesarean, and the baby dies, and when

the mother of the child starts to hemorrhage Henry knows that it was

over for...