Farewell content! personal story of a girl through the holocaust.

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I have a new family now, a husband and two children. My hair has grown back and I have put on 30 kilograms. My heart hurts every time I think about them but I know as the days and weeks and years go, the pain will

grow weaker and weaker. I will never forget the bestiality, the incredulous inhumanity and extreme cruelty but most of all I will never forget that particular Friday night that changed my life forever.

Mama, in her beautiful Sabbath clothing, called us to the table to bless the food she had so readily prepared for her family. As Papa took his seat, there was a loud knock on the front door. Papa asked me to go and open the door for whoever was knocking so persistently. Always wanting to be papa's favourite I jumped up eagerly and ran to see who was there. My eye could not reach the peep whole, so instead I opened the door slightly...

I was twelve years old at the time and only mildly aware of the Nazis and their events in Germany and the rest of Europe. Instead of dwelling on the news of the invasion of Poland I preferred to run and play outside in the warm sunshine and be with my best friend next door.

Papa warned me that the time would come where things would change

But I could not fully understand what it meant.

I was angry with him when he said this as I never wanted life to change, I was happy and in love with the way things were.

...they pushed open the door, knocking me into the wall. They immediately ransacked my home as if it were theirs. They tore up the floors, and destroyed the beautiful furniture that mama loved so...