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This story is called Farmer Boy. The author of this book is Laura Ingalls Wilder. The main characters in this story are Almonzo and Laura. One of the major events was when Almonzo got to drive the wagon all by himself. At the end of the story Almonzo gets to have his own colt because his parents thought he was responsible enough.

In this story the problem is that Almonzo always wants to do the older mans work like his brother. He always has to do the baby work because he is younger.

The solution to this story is that Almonzo grew more responsible and because of that, he was able to have his own colt that he could raise all by himself.

The time period in this book was the 1800s. The geographical location was in New York on a farm. They are poor. They have a lot of cornfields.

They also have a lot of trees. The climate was hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The book covered many different seasons.

If I were changing the setting, it would be in the year 2000 and it would be in California. Alomonzo would be rich. His chores would be buying milk from the store instead of milking the cow. The surroundings would be many stores, houses, and schools. The climate would be very hot and the season would be summer.