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Good morning, and class mates. I am going to talk about sex today, well now that I have your attention, well, at least half your attention, I am going to talk about the aspects of fashion in Australia that have changed over the last 100 years, including the swimsuits and the formal wear, which have changed dramatically over the years.

Well for starters, a question that you might be asking your self, "What is Fashion?" well, for centuries individuals and societies have used clothes and other body accessory as a form of nonverbal communication to indicate occupation, rank, gender, locality, class, wealth and group affiliation in other words, fashion is a form of free speech.

During the decade from 1901 to 1910 rich women changed clothes several times each day; informal day wear, morning walking dress, tea gowns for meeting friends, afternoon dress for visiting, dinner gowns and full evening dress.

A typical dress in that decade was a dress with a 'S-bend' corset that was pinched at the back, a choker neckline and a lace trimmed hat. As shown in my source 1. As for men, change only for dinner and work. Fashionable clothing was lousy compared to the women's fashion at the time. The men mainly wore a three-piece suit, a coat, a pair of trousers and a waistcoat/vest.

We all know what swimsuits look like today but boy have they come a long way. The swimsuit begins its history in ancient Greece and Rome. In these ancient civilizations, public bathing was a common and popular tradition. Despite the fact that it would not be until 1946 when the official, modern bikini was designed and introduced to the fashion world, the basic two-piece swimsuit concept has been in existence for quite some time. Six decades after its invention, the skimpiest garment ever created for women to wear in public refuses to head for cover. The modern bikini loved and loathed by women in equal doses, still rules supreme as the great Aussie cossie everywhere from Brighton beach to the Big Brother house.

Just as women's suits have undergone a gradual changing process, so has the men's swimsuit have dun the same. Men’s swimsuits traditionally receive far less attention than women’s swimsuits in the fashion design world. Today, men’s swimsuits come in several varieties. There are, of course, the incredibly popular boardies, which one sees men wearing every day not only at the beach or pool but around town and at school. Boardies, with their baggy, knee-length coverage, offer men a more generous amount of coverage than they would have received in the 1940s. Tighter, brief-like swimsuits do retain some popularity, however, and many men wear this type of swimsuit for its facilitation of speed and smoothness when swimming. But many different people think very different things as is shown in source 2.

In conclusions over the years Australian Fashion has changed dramatically, from the full length swimsuit to the tiny bikini all over Australian beaches, this changing fashion is due to the changing contexts, values of the Australian people. Thank you for listen to my speech or at least pretending to listen.