Fashion In Ancient Egypt

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In a land of unenlightened minds but fertile and rich in minerals, lived a civilization so great that its discoveries and methods of self adornment are still used today. These discoveries and methods are a direct result of the climate of Egypt and the strong beliefs that its people had in religion. The wealthy and royal women and men of ancient Egypt walked in beauty from head to toe, wearing the finest of jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, and fine linens of their time. Evidence to support these ideas come from the found treasures of ancient Egyptian tombs and art largely populated by images of glittering, elegantly coiffeud people that leave little doubt that they had a gift and expensive taste for glamour (They Walked in Beauty). Who would have thought that their obsession with purity, cleanliness, and religion would lead to beauty secrets that are still used by women today around the world? With their strong beliefs in religion, genius for style, and obsession with youthfulness and beauty allowed the Egyptians to be the first to create an art that is today the largest business in the world: The art of personal adornment.

There is an unmistakable connection between ancient Egyptians and what we refer to as fashion trends in the twenty first century.

The basis of the religion of ancient Egypt was the local god of the individual township or community, of which, there were scores scattered throughout the Nile. The local gods were all essentially similar in character, differing only in their names, the objects in which they manifested themselves, the ceremony with which they were approached, and the festivals celebrated for them. The local god could be represented in natural forms: for the most part, animal, birds, fish, reptiles, trees, or plants local to or especially prevalent in...