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Introduction 2


Team Norms 2

Roles and Responsibilities: 3

Timeline: See appendices 3

Team Purpose 3

Evaluation 3

How tasks will be completed: 4

Political Legal Environment 4

Political & Legal Environment Summary 29

Technology & Economic Environment 29

Technology & Economic Environment Summary 48

Sociocultural & Environment 49

Sociocultural & Environment Summary 63

Conclusion 65

Evaluation 65

Grade Allocation 66

References: 68

Appendices: 71


On behalf of Kea Fashions Ltd. 3rd Rock Consultants have conducted extensive research and analysis to identify opportunities and threats regarding extending production and sales into People's Republic of China (PRC).

Kea Fashions Ltd. are interested in expansion opportunities for sales and production of their clothing into China, which has been identified as a potential manufacturing base and new market. 3rd Rock Consultants' objective is to undertake a Mega-Environmental scan on China's economy by gathering data and information that purport diverse perspectives and opinions.

The scan will involve 3rd Rock concentrating on the Political, Legal, Economic, Technological, Socio-cultural, and Environmental elements in China. The objective of the following report is to provide Kea Fashions Ltd sound advice and identification of threats and opportunities within the China market.


Team Norms

1. All members of the team need to attend all meetings, any situations occurring that any one cannot attend the meeting will need at least 12 hours of notification of absenteeism to other members or team leader.

2. Every member needs to contribute a similar amount of work to the team, any excuses on not doing or delaying work will be consider as not contributing.

3. Voting will make decisions; this means, the best decision will be the outcome of the majority of votes.

4. Team meetings will be held mostly on AUTonline. In some cases, telephone, mobile phone...