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Fifth avenue has a wide variety of stores from Gap to Bergdorf Goodman. Each store specializes in different merchandise and their prices also differ. Here is a glimpse of three stores that you can find on 5th avenue; Takashimaya, Fellisimo, and Henry Bendels.

You can find anything from skin care, native accessories to flowers in Takashimaya. There are five floors in this store. On the first floor you can purchase skincare, native products, and flowers. The second floor is divided into men's wear, women's wear and travel accessories. From the second floor it skips the third floor and goes straight to the fourth floor. The fourth floor carries women's accessories and decorative accessories. Lastly the fifth floor carries items such as bed and bath accessories as well as baby, men's and women's loungewear. There is soon to be a sixth floor which is under renovation. AS you enter the store there is a very homey and modern atmosphere and you can smell the flowers all through the floor.

The kind of customer you would see shopping here would be about 28 yrs. And older who can afford expensive taste.

Felissimo is another store you can find on 5th avenue and it is similar to Takashemaya. They both have five floors and they have similar merchandise. On the first floor they sell jewelry, books and CD's. The second floor offers candles, women's and bathroom accessories and dashiki's. The third floor also has candles, books, and a lounge. The fourth floor has housewear products such as plates, tables, and dishes. Lastly on the fifth floor is a café where you can sit and sip tea. You can also purchase cookies, teas, mint and cookbooks from around the world on this floor. Unlike the modern feel of Takashimaya, Felissimo has a more...