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Do you choose what you wear or does the media choose it for you? I am one of the million Americans who struggle with keeping up with the new trends of the season. The media works their hardest to try to persuade us into buying new things for our home, work, and family. The media today is the largest advertisements money can buy and many large companies spend millions of dollars for a one-minute commercial on one of the major stations. Television and Magazine elaborate not only on what to wear and when to wear it but also on what others are wearing such as movie stars, models, music artists.

Television, one of the largest media world, gives us the "gossip" on who is wearing what and what is fashionable for the season. Television shows like Entertainment Tonight, The National Inquirer TV, and Fashion TV are few of the shows that give us information on new trends for all different types of people and in all different countries.

Television commercials give us the backbone we need to fall into all the schemes for selling. Designers such as Calvin Klein, Levi's and many others try to catch our eye with their cool and crazy commercials. Television influences the way we shop. It accents to each and every one of our wardrobes with telling us what is hot and what is not. Teenagers, especially, give a lot of their attention to these television programs and try to be just like the models on the runway. The commercials try to target the younger generation because they will have them in the palm of their hands for the rest of their lives. Also they are easily influenced by Television with the billions of dollars spent on advertisements they have them trapped. Hearing all this, the way these television programs have influence my life is that I love to be in style, as they say. I love to keep up with all the new trends of the season. Since I was a little girl I always had someone to look up to considering my sister was eight years older than I was, I found myself always wanting to be older and always wanting to look and dress just like her and her friends. Also I used to watch all those shows that had to do with modeling and clothing, another example of these shows is House of Style that used to air on MTV. Cindy Crawford was the host and brought all different types of designers on there to tell us what was hip for the season. Although now I see that every individual has there own personal style, which works great for me.

Fashion Magazines give us a very good look at the fashion world, also. In magazines like Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and Vogue we see many great and very sexy advertisements that are screaming out to sell, sell, sell. Designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Laundry show us the best of what they have and what is most in style in these magazines. They try to sell their clothing, accessories, and purses in trying to say "this is cool and hip for the season". Let's not over look the face, make-up has a very large part in the fashion world. Magazines are constantly telling us what shades are in for the season and who sell them. The Magazines and designers of the clothing world work they're hardest to get people to buy their stuff. They highly influence people into buying clothing. Kate Spade, now the number one designer of hand bags in the world, got her fame from advertising in magazines. The handbags selling for no lower than two hundred dollars, has become a must in one's wardrobe coming from Vogue. All of these Magazines also played a large role in what I choose to wear, all through middle and high school all of us girls would bring in our Magazines for the month. We would observe what the models were wearing and thought it was just the coolest thing ever. So naturally we all wanted to look and wear exactly what the models wore. That is why Magazines are also a wonderful medium in selling clothing and other things. With their outrageous advertisements who would not fall into their trap? In conclusion, the media shapes our thoughts and minds in buying products that are not a life necessity although it makes us happy, it is worth it. We are always finding ourselves trying to keep up with the new trends and new styles of the 90's. Television and Magazine are one of the major mediums that keep businesses going and designers coming out with new and more expensive trends. The media give the need to buy, to someone who is willing to listen.