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Nowdays, the fast food industry is covering the whole world. We, are blinded by the ads and commercials, so we eat, we enjoy eating, and we eat again. We are brainwashed.

"OK, it is delicious, but can't you see what it's doing to your body?" You are getting fat!!! Oh my god!!! Many people think this kind of food just make you a bit heavier, and continue eating. They will answer you by saying it's their lifestyle if you mention this issue, but they are not aware of the peril lurking beneath that slice of tom- I'm just trying to tell that the oil they fry the chicken/french fries with is used many times and this causes cancer.

Most of the people living in big cities get addicted to fast food. How? An esy question to answer. Just like drinking coffee and smoking, people start eating little portions of french fries or hamburgers.

They like the chemicals that make the food taste better, and they eat again. They eat bigger portions everytime they eat.

Like every other thing, eating a lot of fast food is something personal. If a person can think rationally, then they shoul decide what they want to do with thier body. Scientists have prooved that fast food is unhealthy. But if you want to eat, it's your life.