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The BLT Chicken Salad, Bacon Ranch Salad, and BBQ Chicken Chopped are few of the many salads you can order at fast food restaurants. Salads can be colorful, tasty, and healthy all at the same time, and Americans now substitute their hamburgers and fries for lettuce and ranch dressing. With people watching their weight and their caloric intakes, salads slowly gain more popularity for lunch and dinner, and fast food chains are picking up on the trend of low calorie and healthy eating. Even though fast food restaurants introduced salads onto their menus, the companies deceive their customers who are trying to eat healthier by making their salad appear healthier than it actually is.

When fast food began, consumers were happy being served and content with the food and the prices; they did not think about the fat content and the lack of nutrients in their hamburgers and other foods.

Now with the trend of healthy eating (more vegetables and fruits while lowering sugar and fats) salads gained an attraction to buyers (because salad leaves are water based, they have little to no calories, and depending on what type of lettuce, it may contain an assortment of nutrients and vitamins). Fast food chains have now lengthened their menus to include salads and other foods designed for the health-conscious consumer.

Quick service restaurants have misleading information to make their food seem lower in calories and a better choice to their fries. Using McDonalds as an example, their California Cobb Salad without chicken has only 100 calories according their website, but by adding the two fluidounces of Newman's Own Cobb Dressing from the package received with the salad, you now have sixty percent of calories from fat and double the amount of fat per day that the American Heart Association recommends. As...