Fast Food Consumption

Essay by spoonful October 2004

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In the United States and other countries, a large number of people are consuming fast foods. People prefer fast foods because it is served quickly, customers can use a window drive thru, and it is cheap. People are influenced by advertisements and the conveniences of fast foods. People who work long hours buy fast food because there are several franchised fast food restaurants near-by. Today fast foods have become common in the everyday diet of many people in the world. However, fast foods lack a lot of nutrition and are unhealthy. This is something we all have to consider.

There are some famous fast food restaurants such as Burger King, Wendy's, and Taco Bell. Marketing has peaked the interest of people and created a demand for fast food restaurants. The advertisement presents the food as though it has some special ingredients and a taste that people would want to find out about.

People begin to think fast meals are great not realizing the bad effect it might have on them. As fast food advertisements began to have a more powerful effect, local stores, such as meat markets and some "fancy" restaurants that serve regularly cooked meals have changed to accommodate the demand for fast food. Some people know that eating fast food would harm their health, so a lot of adults try not to feed their children fast meals. A serious problem is that children of younger ages rather than adults are devouring fast foods. This might be the reason fast food restaurants target children. Children watch television and see a commercial and want to have fast foods without knowing the harmful effects they have.

People who work for long hours or two working parents, who cannot cook meals everyday, buy fast foods. All parents and people would like...