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Karen Smith 05 April 2002 Dr. Hunter Book Review Fast Food Nation Eric Schlosser, the author of Fast Food Nation, sets out to explore the ins and outs of the fast food industry from slaughter to consumption. Each chapter goes in depth to one aspect of the fast food industry. He begins with the basics of the industry documenting the accomplishments of the minds behind McDonalds and Carl's Jr. The story begins with these men who started as passionate and smart businessmen just trying to get a break. As the chapter goes on, Schlosser reveals the greedy and selfish men who have long forgotten their roots. In this first chapter, he paints a picture of once young entrepreneurs now turned in search of monetary gain and profit despite any social harms.

He exposes the harsh truths and effects that this monstrous and looming industry has had on our country, other countries, employees and citizens, which seems his main goal.

In the "Globalization Realization" chapter, Schlosser details how many countries now have McDonald's and that McDonald's along with KFC, makes the majority of their profits outside of the US. He calls it the "Americanization" of several countries. One McDonald's location harbors itself less than a mile away from the first Nazi concentration camp in Dachau, despite protests claiming the corporation was trying to make money off of the Holocaust. They actually handed out leaflets with the saying "Welcome to Dachau.....and Welcome to McDonald's." He also calls to attention many restrictions and upgrades that the industry should abide to in "Behind the Counter," "Cogs in the Great Machine," and "The Most Dangerous Job." He believes that employees should make more than minimum wage and should be able to join unions, teenagers should be rewarded for working after school and not exploited.