Fast Track Project Management for a Construction Project

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Fast track construction is a project delivery system which compresses the design tender construct process into overlapping design and construct phases. The former can be identified as a traditional lump sum tender where plans and specification s are completed then put out to tender. Contractors bid the prject exactly as it is designed with the lowest bidder awarded the work. It is a linear process where one task follows the completion of another with no overlap.

The latter, or " fast track construction" as it is properly named works on a different basis. The fast track method enables construction to commence before the design work is finished. The objective of a "fast tracked" program is to permit an earlier start and completion date. For example, if an architect/client tenders out the site work before the rest of the drawings are complete, the project can begin sooner. This gets the client in their building quicker, which often results in earlier operational cost savings.

The major advantage is time savings.

Despite it being a popular construction method with many advantages to both the client and the builder, fast tracking also carries certain inherent disadvantages. Certain frameworks that must be controlled in any type of construction process include:

* Cost

* Time

* Documentation

* Quality

* Design

Below we shall seek to determine the shortfalls of these control frameworks in relation to the application of "fast tracking" on a building project.

Firstly, lets consider cost. Fast tracking, has led to desirable efficiencies in the management, planning and construction of projects, however this has come at a significant and largerly hidden price. These costs are hidden because they are included within each subcontractor's tender, as they add costs to accommodate on-site inefficiencies, and to absorb further costs. It is known that "fast tracking"...