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The Body She just finished eating a meal, which consisted of a cheeseburger, fries, and a bowl of ice cream. She then wonders, "how many calories does all this food have"�? Also she thinks, "how much fatter will I be in the morning"�? As she puts her jeans on, she noticed that it was much harder for them to go up. By this point she's thinking that she is definitely fat. She says to herself, "I am a blimp and, if I keep eating these unhealthy foods, my jeans will never fit. In any case, she is worried sick about her looks. She feels that the most important thing is for people to accept her and if she doesn't have a model figure, they won't. After stressing the subject for a long time, she asked herself, "How important is my mage and to what pint should my body be starved?"� Many may read this and not give it a second thought.

In reality many teens face this dilemma everyday. As they wake up in the morning and happen to pass by the mirror, they notice how unsatisfied they are with their bodies. The situation may differ but the facts are still he same. These teens are unhappy with their bodies.

As I looked through the pictures in my textbook, there were two pictures that jumped out at me. In one of the pictures, I see two men standing at the beach. These men aren't wearing a t-shirt and you can clearly see their bulgy, huge, beer bellies hanging out. The men in this picture were smiling, laughing and obviously having a good time. In another picture, I see two models with perfect, curvy, slim stomach, long legs, beautiful face and great bodies. I also noticed that in this picture the women are laughing and having a good time. In both pictures the men ad women seem to be happy and satisfied with their images. In the society that we live in today, the human body is the center of a lot of attention. I found it ironic that these people are enjoying life with out giving a second thought to what they look like. Sometimes people get so caught up in their bodies; they think that's what makes them truly happy. In the first picture though, you can clearly see that the men are happy with who they are and they're not obsessing over their looks.

It's a shame that so many teens are the victims of diseases like anorexia and bulimia. These diseases are just the result of many teens' infatuation with obtaining beauty through their bodies. In many adolescents' eyes, our body is the factor that shapes us into who we are and how we see ourselves. If we aren't perfect we feel that we won't be accepted by society. Images of the body portrayed on T.V screens, magazines, newspapers, billboards and computers are the bodies that we want to mode ourselves into. We are willing to do anything including starve ourselves just to have these perfect bodies. The worst part is that we actually believe that this will make us beautiful.

Personally, I feel that a person can have the most beautiful body and still feel insecure about themselves. Over all, our "perfect"� bodies don't shape us at all, our personalities do. I mean think about it. The body might be the one attracts. Unfortunately, if you don't have any personality or self-defining characteristics, all this doesn't mean shit. I much rather prefer to have a good body for healthy reasons but not to prove to the world who I really am. With all these diseases like bulimia and anorexia, a person should think twice how costly a perfect body is. It's either accept the body that you have or die trying to improve it.