"Fat Kid Rules The World" By K.L Going. - Narrative Paragraph

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“Fat kid rules the world,” by K.L. Going is a novel expressing one’s effort in trying to do something that he had never thought would be possible to achieve and be successful in. The main theme presented in the novel is that to ignore what others say about you, and to reach for something you desire.

“Fat kid rules the world” is about a seventeen year old, 300 pound teenager whose convincing himself to commit suicide in a subway station because of the depression from the negative comments he receives from others, mainly about his obesity. His name is Troy Billing. While waiting in the subway station for the train to arrive, Troy had planned to jump off and kill himself by colliding with the train. Moments before, Troy meets a very skinny, homeless teenager by the name of Curt. Curt goes to the same school as Troy, and he is a present member of a famous rock band, ‘The smack metal puppets.’

Troy is a huge fan of Curt’s famous band, who are well known through out the city. Curt convinced Troy to not commit suicide, and he had saved Troy’s life. Troy and Curt become good friends after they met, and Curt talks to Troy about his famous band. Troy would finally announce that he’s a drummer, but he did not have any experience in the drums what so ever. Curt was amazed, and he had explained to Troy that he should join his band, and Troy agreed. Weeks had passed by of hard training, and it came to the final day when Troy was ready to attend the first gig of his life. The first gig had went bad, because Troy had vomited on the stage, therefore he had to leave. Days had...