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Most young children everywhere love to play Nintendo, watch television and rent movies. It is a great way for children to relax and have fun. Even now surfing the net is common for children and teenagers. Many new technologies have taken over the swimming pools, swing sets, and tree forts. These electronic activities are one of the main reason kids do not get enough exersise. The eating habits of children can also lead to poor nutrition. This is why elementary schools should include a more rigorous physical education program and healthier meals to prevent the increase of overweight Americans First of all, there is a high percenatage of adults who are overweight. Tom Farley, the chair of the Department of Community Health Sciences at the Tulane University of Public Health said "three out of five Americans are overweight and 27% were classified as obese."2 So many adults are now overweight and the numbers are increaseing.

If we were able to implant a good exersise and eating habits in kids, then maybe we can prevent the increase in overwiegh adults.

Tom Farley also states "rates of obesity, which increases the risk of heart disease, breat cancer, stroke , and diabetes, have double in the last 25 years" and "researchers have estimated that the obesity epidemic kills 325,000 people per year in America, more than the deaths from alchol, drugs, guns and car crashes combined." Since this is such a rising problem then Americans should stop the problem in elementry schools as soon as they can.