Fat Tax Policy

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Obesity is an epidemic that is sweeping the United States very quickly. Obesity is so deadly that it causes more deaths than any other single cause with the exception of cigarette use, and officials believe obesity will soon kill more people than tobacco does (Feature Story Archive). Obesity not only causes health problems but social problems as well. There are huge costs that are attributed to it, being paid by society in the form of medical fees, unemployment benefits, and many other costs. The government needs to address these costs and problems, and one way is by implementing a junk food tax (food that is high in calories and low in nutritional value). There needs to be a federal tax placed on junk food purchases, similar to the taxes placed on gasoline and tobacco products. This tax would dissuade people from purchasing unhealthy food items. At the same time it would help the nation pay for some of the financial costs that obesity has generated.

The proposition will take a huge cut out of the percentage of people who are obese.

Obesity is a condition that can be found in nearly every social class, geographic location, and age group in our society today. Every year there are more people who fit this profile. Many view this condition as merely a cosmetic one; however, there are serious consequences to being overweight. Some of these consequences include: health risks such as diabetes and heart disease, premature death, economic impacts due to lower productivity, billions of dollars in health care costs, and numerous social problems.

The causes of obesity must be understood so solutions can be created. These solutions then need to be put into effect so that the causes of the epidemic will be addressed at a minimal social cost. A large...