Fate - Macbeth

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If we say that fate exists, that means the outcome of our lives are already written. Fate means that all the choices we face are predetermined, which means that they aren’t really choices. Fate means that we are a bird stuck in a cage that has no free will; we have absolutely no control over anything that happens to us. Fate is premature death.

Personally, I refuse to believe in fate. If fate does exist, who decides our futures? Is it decided through the actions we take or by some supernatural power above us? This thought ran through my head as I considered the question of fate. From a religious viewpoint, we have a choice in anything we do. “God” knows the choices we make. Take this for example, I have a piece of candy in one hand and some pepper in the other, and I tell you to choose one hand.

I know you will take the candy, but you have the choice not to. Some people say that our lives are what we make of them. If fate exists, then it is logical for me to sit and stare out the window, doing nothing and not worrying about anything because “fate is going to show me the way, it’s got me covered.” This would only result in a failed life. Our own hands create our futures, not fate.

The concept of fate disturbs me. Fate is an excuse for anything that doesn’t happen “our way.” Instead of blaming ourselves for our own mistakes, we choose to blame on fate. If fate were real, that means that it wasn’t my fault that I did poorly on my test, because it was fate. I’d merely blow it off, saying “it was fate that didn’t...