The Fate of Okonkwo InThings Fall Apart

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Gary Tomotchko

AP English Language

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October 13, 2014

Predetermined Fate

What would you do if you had everything you could need but it was all thrown away? Would you make the ultimate decision of taking your life? Okonkwo did, and some may argue that it was bound to happen from the beginning. We go through Okonkwo's life and see different forces at work that shape his fate. Many of the choices that Okonkwo makes are to be unlike his father. These forces include that of the Europeans colonizing the tribe, and the tribe itself having issues within its members. Throughout the story we also see through Achebe's eyes and we learn about his criticism of colonial rule.d2

When the story starts out, Okonkwo is introduced as a hero and leader of Umuofia, he is one of the strongest and he possesses many titles. At age 18, Okonkwo beat the champion, The Cat, in a wrestling match EXAMPLE.

Okonkwo strives to be unlike his father, Unoka, who dies in great debt and a coward. Though he doesn't often show soft spots in his character, Okonkwo cares very much when his daughter, Ezinma, gets sick EXAMPLE. He creates medicine and does whatever he can to help take care of her. Okonkwo also shows compassion for Ezinma when she is abducted by the priestess EXAMPLE. We predict his destiny as becoming one of the greatest parts of the tribe.

Okonkwo's life was going strong, and then a series of events suddenly happened to surprise him and ultimately lead to his death. The first crime against the clan is when he beats his wife during peace week EXAMPLE. Is punishment is to make a ritual sacrifice. Then, Okonkwo threatens Ekwefi, his second wife, with a gun EXAMPLE. Okonkwo then...