fate of the starcrossed lovers

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An experience that changed my outlook on life

Growing up in a coloured family is really tough as they always push you to stay away from trouble and be the best you can be. They accept the fact that all children are naughty but there are limits, being rude is unacceptable . They do not approve of a child being rude to an adult and also do not approve you associating with the wrong groups of friends and indulging in any illegal substances such as liquor, cigarettes and any form of drugs. If we do not abide to these rules we are either disowned or beaten. This is where my experience comes in. When I was14 years old in my first year of high school, I was exposed and influenced into using drugs

This all began shortly after my parents had gotten a divorce which had a huge effect and impact on my life.

I had never experienced such heartache in my life and I had been in such confusion at the time due to the fact that I did not know why this was happening to my family. When the divorce finalized my father and I separated from my brother and my mother. There were fights taking place between my families which felt like a never ending story. I then met a group of boys at school who noticed that I had not been happy whenever they had seen me. They approached me and questioned me about why I always looked miserable and unhappy. I shared the information about the situation and they, then approached me with a white packet containing cocaine and said to me that this is all I needed in order to bring joy and a sense of peace and happiness into my life . I...