Fate vs. Freewill

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Fate vs. Freewill

Fate vs. freewill is a never ending controversy. It is as old as time itself. It all started by the spark of Greek philosophy and went onward. Greek philosophers started questioning the world around us and outer space. Back then the people thought that all there fate was determined by the gods, but now many people also believe in freewill, which allows man to have total command over his life. This conflict between our lives being determined in advance by destiny or fortune and us having the independent power to choose and not be influenced by predestination is still ongoing today. This conflict isn't just black and white, but is also gray because it can be that we have freewill to live as we will but that the gods know what will occur in our lives before we live it.

I believe in this gray area. I believe that the gods know what one's life will be before he lives it, but man still has the freewill to live as he wills.

I believe in this because no matter what you might do some things just happen no matter what you do. Examples of these are seen in literature, movies, and even real life. An example of literature is the novel "Oedipus the King" in which you find out the Oedipus ends up killing his father and marrying his mother no matter what he or his parents did to prevent it. An example of a movie would be The Terminator because no matter what they do the protagonists and antagonists are never able to change what happens. The protagonists can't stop Judgment Day from happening and the antagonists can't kill the main character. The final example is a story of what happened to a man who tried...