Father's and Sam views about Freedom.

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My Brother Sam is Dead is based on details that the Collier brothers weote. The

novel takes place in Redding Ridge, Connecticut. Sam and father have different views on the

war. Sam, the older of two sons, is in the Continental Army. However father is a loyalist. When Sam's enlistment is up he returns home, he gets into a fight with father in their tavern.

Afterwards Sam reenlists in the army.

Father disagrees that Sam should be a soldier, which causes Sam to prove this bravery

in the army. After Sam got back from the army father and Sam gets in to a fight about should

he be in the Continental Army. Father shouts at Sam, "Free to do what, Sam, free to mock your king, free to shoot your neighbor?" This quote shows that father disagree about freedom. At times family disagrees about politics. Later in the tavern while consuming alcohol Sam and

father debated, father said, "As a subject of the Lord God, I don't question is ways."


quote stated that father doesn't want to question his ways. Father must be so religious in that

he doesn't want to interfere with God's ways.

Sam disagrees on father's views on the war, which causes Sam to rebel. The debate

with father continues. Sam says, "Sir, its worth dying to be free." Sam seems eager to give his

life for freedom. Freedom has many or less value to different people. Now Sam debates that

how can England control the colonies. Sam says, "They are over 3000 miles away, how can

they make laws for us." I think distance does not always provide safety for people. A historical book once stated, "Those with great military power tend to tell weaker people what to do."

This essay represents the tradgedy...