Father's Day

Essay by spoonman419 July 2004

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You were the one who watched me as I was born, torn from my mom's tummy hanging by the ambilical chord. We lived in Maryland then, as a family. A happy family. A family that never ever seen the horrific end coming.

But that was seventeen years ago and look how much has changed. You haven't though, you were always two-faced and deranged! But when I was little I didn't ever pick up on those traits. You were just the guy who made funny faces and kept me entertained. As you watched me grow, you became my hero. Remember when you used to call me your little Leo?

That was so long ago.

Not even in my worst nightmares could I have imagined or fathomed the events that soon happened. Not until I was fifteen, when I came home one day, and mommy told me that you might be going away.

I had never thought you'd be out of reach, until that night when you took me to the secluded beach, explained to me that for two years you had been cheat, that for two years some dumb slut on the side had been giving you release.

For the next four months I was tramautized, me and mom both cried out our eyes as we realized that you were a shady motherfucker who lies. A man who walked out on his wife and child in the blink of an eye, moved to Elkridge and didn't really say goodbye. And to this day you still haven't apologized, and to this day it still brings bitter tears to my eyes, and to this day I can't deny my utter hatred for someone once so benign.

And now Father's Day has arrived but you get nothing from me. No calls, no presents, no...