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My father, Ilya Ilyayev, is my inspiration and my muse. Not only is he influential in my eyes, he has the capacity to influence the lives of many others. By implanting his personal qualities and overall persona, anyone can become a better individual and achieve wonders, as did my father. I personally revere my father for his indubitable mentorship and his overall impact in my life. If I can become his equal, I would consider that a notable accomplishment.

My father is a man of many skills and trades. When he came to this country thirteen years ago, he faced a quandary. First of all, he couldn't find a job do to his lack of understanding of the English language. Consequently, he had no form of income to support the family and had to find employment in various fields until he found his true calling. Having been a tailor in Russia, he worked in a furniture outlet for sometime.

He then became a cook and soon became more conscious of how difficult that line of work was. Eventually he went to barber school and learned this trade to its full extent. At this present day, he is the owner of a hair salon which generates revenues of up to 150,000 a year.

Anyone can learn from my father's lifelong experiences and his present day dexterity. Even though he spent most of his life searching for his passion, he eventually found it. One can learn from his journey to fulfillment, since we all want something that will make our lives richer. If people make goals, and ascertain their passion, they would have a better chance of reaching their ambitions.

My father has also shaped the person I am today. Thanks to my father's constant guidance and support I have become...