Father vs. Daughter.

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Title: Father vs. Daughter

What is success? Most people define success as becoming rich and/or famous. I define success as overcoming any obstacle or challenge that might occur in someone's life. It could be a physical or a personal challenge. I feel that I have achieved success through the relationship between my father and I.

When I was in the seventh grade, my parents told my brother and I that they were getting a divorce. When they first told us the bad news, my brother sat there sobbing as I held in my tears. I was trying to show my parents that it was not affecting me, when truly I was feeling many different emotions. I knew that from then on, things would only go down hill from there.

I was right, things got worse! My mother immediately moved out, and I could only see her every other weekend.

As a result, the majority of my time was spent with my father, and living with him was harder than I thought it would be. As a child I never truly knew my father. Ever since the divorce, my relationship with him only deteriorated. Most of the time spent with my father was filled with fighting and tears. He favored my brother and would make me clean the entire house all the time, while my brother, who is three years younger than I, was allowed to do anything he pleased. I was never allowed to go out. The relationship between my father and I got worse to the point where I did not want to live with him. There was even a time when he told me, to my face, that he did not love me! That emotionally bruised me, which led me to living with my mother...