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Things are changing everyday, but there is one thing that may never change. That is the love of parents to their children. They are willing to do everything possible to make their children happy. Family is important to everyone. Parents are usually the role model for their children. Their children will act like their parents or become what their parents were. How the family is may change the point of view or even change the life of the children. However when the time goes by, the society is forcing changes in families. In the past, father would be working most of the day and come home to watch the newspaper, while the mother is taking care of the children and the house. However, the society has been changing. Men and women have been moving in the direction of equality. The mother would not be the only one to take care of their children.

The father in these days will have to do it too. The role of father and mother has change in the family. Father has to do what mother has to do in the past. When we look at the current trends in fathering, we see that many have changed over the past few generations. The role of the father in a family is changing with society, and this change has affected the family physically, financially, and mentally.

Today the changes of society change the role of father and mother in a family. In the past, men and women are not even close to equal. Women usually have to stay home to do all the housework and to take care of the children. Men are the only supporter of the family. Their task is to provide for his family, to be the authority at home and perhaps occasionally...