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"Fatigue" According to Jane Brody, in her essay, exhaustion, tiredness, weariness, low energy, and weakness are known as a semi-illness named fatigue. Not a while ago, people's complaint was based on over exertion; meanwhile, in modern-day fatigues, grievance about being tired is more likely a consequence of "under exertion". According to the modern day model, which has been described in Brody's essay, three classes of fatigue should be consider. In the "Physical Fatigue category" the main point is about overworking the muscles to the point where metabolic waste products accumulate in the body and "sap" the strength. The solution for physical fatigue is simply making the body comfortable; however, "Pathological Fatigue" described as a warning to the body after a cold or flue. "Psychological Fatigue" is another term for "emotional problem and conflicts". This particular type of fatigue can often come out as physical symptoms. Applying couple of remedies for psychological fatigue patient including "underlying emotional problems" and "marriage counseling" may help the condition.