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The last book I read that thoroughly inspired me was Neale Walsh's Conversations with God. It took me nearly three nights to complete it, but was well worth the lost sleep. It's the first time in my life I felt that a writer was speaking to me directly: not just to my mind, but to some unnamed, unspoken voice deep within my soul. What a wonderful feeling! Walsh's book captured my interest because he offers a different interpretation of God's message from that contained in the Bible, Torah and other formal religious writings. As a lapsed Catholic, I've been searching for spiritual direction, but hadn't found any meaningful answers from formal religion. Walsh answers many of the "big" questions I've had about God, his expectations of us and our future after we leave the earth. He offers such a unique message of hope that I truly felt Gods' love for me for the first time! The book is written in a simple, conversational style that makes its message accessible and easy to understand.

It speaks to all people, regardless of their particular faith, and offers a message of hope and unity. I wish that more people would read it and embrace its message of a loving, all-inclusive God. So many needless wars are fought because of religious differences, yet this book clearly makes me realize that God loves us all.

I rarely read a book more than once, but Conversations with God is a powerful exception. I've re-read many passages from Walsh's book several times and feel that I gain a new perspective with each additional reading. It's certain to be an important reference in my personal library for many years to come.