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English 1010-44

16 September 2013

When I was about ten years old, my mom and I took a trip to Phoenix, Arizona to visit some family members. It was the first time that I had ever rode on a plane, for that matter it was the first time I had ever even been close to a plane. We waited and waited till it was finally time to board the plane, I was so nervous, but I kept on walking through the long, dark, noisy tunnel till I finally stepped in and there was no going back after that. I sat down in my seat, next to the window of course, buckled myself in, and pulled the lap strap as tightly as I could which wasn't very much considering I was only ten and I'm a girl. After a thirty minute delay, it was finally time to take off for our three hour flight.

The flight attendants stood in the front and showed us all the emergencies procedures, which made me even more scared than watching all the episodes of Lost while waiting to board the plane. After they finished, which only took about two minutes, so if you didn't pay attention you more than likely will die if one of those events did occur. Next, the pilot came on the intercom informing us the city we were headed to, the weather, and the estimated arrival time. After all this time waiting it was finally time to take off. We backed out of the parking space, turned around, which took FOREVER to turn this huge honker around, then we headed down the runway, building speed as fast as we could. I thought we would never go up into the air. Then all at once I was thrown back in my...