Favorite place I have ever been (or want to go) and why?

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Feelings, memories, and thoughts... All these things come into my mind like a storm as I ask myself about the favorite place I have ever been to. Still, I don't find the answer. The universe is so big, that it's impossible to know which place is the one, which perfectly fits to the soul and to the body. Maybe, somewhere in the future, the best places will come up as the worst ones; and it won't be pleasant even to remember them. Sometimes, millions of people have the same favorite places. In that case they stop to seem so attractive. Favorite places also have a habit of getting boring after visiting them a lot or just change their appearance too often.

In my life, though, there is one place that I will never question, as being unpleasant to me, as it never happens to be the same. This place is always different; it always has different colors, weather and people there.

Sometimes, there are no people at all... This place is my dream.

For most of the people their dreams are too indefinite and too fade; therefore they can't be their favorite places to go. As for me, my dream is my second reality. There I love, hate, make mistakes and learn. There, I make decisions and get to know people as they actually are, not as they appear or try to look in real life. There I have sunny days and rainy days. There I cry and I smile. In my dream I always live my life running, but I never fall.

Any minute in my dream I can go to the quiet garden, full of flowers, trees and waterfalls. In the middle of the garden there is a swing; that swing is for me. Evening sun lightens it...