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POLS: 2311

Barack Obama: "Change"

1) Position Importance

From getting sworn in, to serving his four-year term in office, the president's position plays an important role in our government due to the tremendous responsibility that is put on his shoulders. Acting as the symbol of our nation the president enforces the laws, sends our troops into battle, makes treaties with foreign nations, and is the spokesmen working closely with congress proposing new legislations. The president is also who we tend to blame when certain aspects of the government don't go our way. Because of his title he is basically representing America, acting as our commander in chief, carrying the voice of the nation and his responsibilities far outweigh any of the other public servants.

2) Historical Outline

Currently residing as America's 44th president for his second term in office, President Barack Obama is still working to get our nation's economy on the right track and out of the recession.

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. was born on August 4th, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii where he spent the majority of his childhood, graduating in 1979 from Punahou Academy. Being one of the three only African-Americans in his school, Barack Obama learned how being a minority would impact his life mentally, struggling with the fact that he was so different than the people around him. "I began to notice there was nobody like me in the Sears, Roebuck Christmas catalog…and the Santa was a white man, I went to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror with all my senses and limbs seemingly intact, looking the way I had always looked, and wondered if something was wrong with me" (Shaw 2011, 309).

After High school Barack Obama travelled to Los Angels where he studied at Occidental College...